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Episode 28 - The Eye Docs are in the House! - Lost Episode #2

February 3rd, 2019

Episode 28 - EYE Docs are in the house.  Dr Dawn Dunford and Wendy Warner Copp from Drs Vision Center came in studio to enlighten us on Vision Therapy and all things eye related.  They are leaders in their field and it was incredibly informative and educational.  Enjoy! 

This long lost episode was always meant to be the our Season Finale and its FINALLY here.  We are thrilled to get it out there.  This will be the final (Although never say never) of our Musing while Boozing productions....but that doesn't mean its all done.  This podcast is pivoting and will be relaunched as the Musing brand is expanding and growing.  So stay tuned and enjoy!! 



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